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Kalamandir Jewellers

A legacy of more than 37 years, The Sparkling journey of Kalamandir Jewellers started in 1986 in the small town of Kosamba near Surat, Gujarat.

A team of 5 members with solid willpower, knowledge, and vision started the journey to becoming India’s leading jewelry retail brand with a small store of around 200 Sq. ft. 

Challenges can often spark creativity and push you to come up with unique and innovative ideas.

The challenge

Experiment with various visual elements such as colors, typography, and symbols that represent the essence of Kalamandir Jewellers.

The Approach

Collaboration and open communication can lead to a stronger end result.

Kalamandir Jewellers - Your favourite jewellery destintion

The allure of craftsmanship and the delight of adornment.

In the world of jewelry, every moment sparkles with celebration, and each piece is a precious treasure of joy.