Project Description


Mugatlal Group is a reputed name in terms of manufacturing & supply of quality goods from reputed manufacturer in industry like TATA, JSW, ESSAR, JINDAL, etc.
Our founder MR. VINODLAL MUGATLAL SHAH started the journey of Mugatlal Group in 1959 as “Mugatial Group”.

With support of his son Mr. Nilesh Vinodlal Shah he gradually added few more firms in the group namely “Mugatial & Company” and “Steel Trading Company”. Later on his grandson Mr. Monil Nilesh Shah came up with the unique concept in roofing industry as “Alevate” Aluminium Roofing Sheet which set the new benchmark in terms of quality and durability of roofing sheets in the industry.

Challenges can often spark creativity and push you to come up with unique and innovative ideas.

The challenge

Experiment with various visual elements such as colors, typography, and symbols that represent the essence of Kalamandir Jewellers.

The Approach

Collaboration and open communication can lead to a stronger end result.

Alevate - Performance at its peak

Aluminium Roofing: Elevating Excellence Above All

In the world of aluminium roofing, every day reflects a celebration of excellence, where each panel embodies durability and resilience.